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We have developed an innovative construction technology consisting of an integrated natural air ionization system. Our HOME3 technology is based on our long-term research of measurement and optimization of negative oxygen ions in buildings.

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Do you have the courage to build your house? We will assemble the wood construction including our HOME3 technology and leave the completion of your house up to you.

HOME3 technology

"We have developed a natural air ionization system."


HOME3 = Active house

Balance between a cost-effective heating, generation of own energy and the quality of indoor environment...


Wood, the material of the future and a renewable source

One of the most suitable construction materials for achieving the principles of the HOME3 system is wood...


We have developed a natural air ionization system

The HOME3 technology is an integrated system based on the research of measurement and optimization of negative oxygen ions in buildings...

Oxygen ions

Did you know that a person „consumes“ approximately 15 kg of air every day?

Negative oxygen ions are negatively charged electrical particles of air. They represent an important element influencing human health and life expectancy. In virgin nature, their number can vary from 1000 to 2000 ions per 1 cm3 of air. Frequently, they are detectable close to flowing water (approximately 20 to 30 cm above the water level) or in the vicinity of waterfalls, where people might experience a state of euphoria.

As the environment grows more artificial (both conceptually and materially), for example in cities, particular houses or office buildings, the number of negative oxygen ions tends to decrease substantially. This might be a direct result of improperly designed interaction of electrical and electromagnetical properties of particular construction materials as well as poorly designed overall concept of buildings and its interiors.


0 - 400 ions
per cm3


500 - 2000 ions
per cm3


3000 - 5000 ions
per cm3

HOME3 houses

550 - 1500 ions
per cm3


The HOME3 technology is an integrated system based on the research of measurement and optimization of negative oxygen ions in buildings.

About us

"4 partners decided to offer an innovative alternative to a modern healthy home"

A life-long experience of a renowned architect in the area of family houses combined with strong international know-how of an expert in technology focused civil engineering = building blocks of HOME3

An experienced and reputable architect, who have projected and delivered over 300 family houses. A scientist, who stands behind key technology buildings in the Czech Republic, including part of the Prague airport or the experimental nuclear reactor of the Czech Technology University. And two visionaries, who were offered the opportunity to participate in a revolutionary project joined forces, and created the HOME3 healthy house system.

Ing. arch. Jan Rampich
Ing. arch. Jan Rampich

The face of our houses

Phone: +420 603 836 860

Ing. Libor Hrouda, CSc.
Ing. Libor Hrouda, CSc.

The creator of our technology

Phone: +420 602 825 541

Mgr. Daniel Macek
Mgr. Daniel Macek

Sales & Legal issues

Phone: +420 731 464 839

Jan Brody
Jan Brody

Strategy & Director

Phone: +420 724 112 047


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